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Heat Treated Lumber For Export

Dunnage Stamp vs. Finished Stamp….. We are hearing from more and more companies, needing heat treated lumber for export, that have been misled about the correct HT export stamps they need. ┬áIf a company sells you lumber that has been stamped with an IPPC mark, and then you cut that piece of lumber up and make a crate out of it, you will probably be in violation of the international ISPM-15 laws. Your product could get detained at the foreign port of entry, and possibly be quarantined and then destroyed. There are two types of IPPC stamps for heat treated lumber. Make sure you have the right one. Boone Valley Forest Products is audited monthly and authorized to use the correct IPPC stamps on our export crates and lumber. We help companies everyday and can help you too. Give us a call before you make the wrong purchase!