Wooden Chocks - Pipe Chocks

Looking for a reliable supplier for pipe chocks and industrial wedges? Boone Valley can produce virtually any size of wooden chock or wedge that your company requires. We can ship them to you loose via box, or pre-nailed to dunnage boards at our facility. We have the ability to construct them out of pine or hardwood, and can even heat treat and stamp them for export.

Wood Chocks

Pre-drilled Oak Chock



Please let us know what type of wood wedges or chocks you are needing… chances are we can do it!





Heat Treated Wood Chock For Export Boone Valley Forest Products

Heat Treated Oak Chock With Export Stamp



We can even provide wood chocks that have been heat treated and stamped for export like the one on the right. Call Boone Valley with your chock specifications today. We are ready to help, and ship them nationwide.