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Can Boone Valley Deliver The Lumber Products I Need To My Part Of The Country?

Yes! We can ship to any state in the country. We are currently delivering material to customers in 33 states and the number is growing. We have excellent freight partners that include trucking and rail, and can handle all of the delivery details for you.

How Quickly Can I Get The Material I Need?

We keep most of the products our customers need in inventory, and many times can deliver them in only a day or two.

I Need To Ship My Product Overseas, And Need To Have The Lumber Heat Treated For Export. Can Boone Valley Supply This Type Of Material?

Absolutely. Boone Valley has expertise in heat treated lumber for export. We can either supply you with the proper material (with IPPC-15 HT stamps) for building the crates or boxes at your facility, or we can build the crates for you and have them delivered, stamped and ready to use for export.

Can Boone Valley Do Less Than Truckload Quantities?

Yes. We save customers the most money by shipping full truckloads, but we also provide smaller quantities as well.

Can You Provide Me With Oak Dunnage And Pine On The Same Loads?

We pride ourselves on being able to put multiple types of products on the same loads for our customers. Oak, Pine, Spruce, pallets, boxes or OSB/plywood can all go on the same delivery.

We Aren’t Happy With The Quality Of Lumber We Are Getting From Our Current Supplier. Can Boone Valley Provide Us With Better Quality Material?

Yes we can! Quite frankly, it’s one of the reasons we acquired our own production facility. We wanted to have better control over the quality of product we were shipping to our customers. We also have excellent mill relationships with producers that we feel cut better material than the industry norm.

What Makes Boone Valley Forest Products Different And Better Than Other Lumber Companies?

Your business really matters to us. We work hard to treat our customers as the valuable part of our business they are. We do this with service, pricing and quality material. Give us a call!