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For a purchasing agent, finding a reliable source of industrial oak lumber at a fair price can be difficult. Sawmills come and go. Bad weather can close down a mill for a week or a month. The quality of lumber can change dramatically from one load to the next. Promised lead times of one week can turn into three or four. Customer service seems to be a low priority, with too many excuses.

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The reason is that most lumber wholesalers don’t have any real understanding of the oak sawmill business, and aren’t able to prevent their customers from going through these pitfalls. The average lumber broker just tries to buy and sell loads of lumber, and their customers are along for the excuse filled ride. It doesn’t have to be that way….

Boone Valley Forest Products is a different kind of hardwood lumber supplier.  We understand the hardwood sawmill business very well because we own one, Boone Valley Sawmill. Years of production experience have allowed us to develop very strong relationships (many exclusive) with other reliable, quality mill owners around the country.  These relationships are unequalled in the industrial hardwood industry, and our customers benefit from it.  This ultimately allows us to provide our customers with quality material, competitive prices and consistent on-time deliveries. Please let us know how we can help you! Contact us for a free quote!

Hardwood Lumber Supplier

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