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Heat Treated ISPM-15 Export Lumber and Crates

Saturday, April 7th, 2012
ISPM-15 Heat Treated Lumber

21' Export Crates Made By Boone Valley

Boone Valley is currently producing 21′ crates for one of our customers using heat treated ISPM-15 export lumber. The crates have been built for easy loading into containers for shipment overseas. We have really enjoyed the process of working with this customer to design an export crate that could both protect their product, and also withstand the weight of other crates stacked on top of it inside the container. As a reliable heat treated lumber supplier, our Custom Crate Division has the expertise to create any type of crate or box you need. We used a truss type design inside the crate, and the entire product utilized heat treated export lumber. You can see a photo of the 21′ crates, ready to ship, on the on the left. Boone Valley is audited monthly for compliance with the IPPC / ISPM-15 export program, and authorized to stamp our heat treated lumber products. Your company can feel confident that we will provide you with a solution to your export crate or heat treated wood needs. We can also provide you with heat treated dunnage, pine, oak or chocks. Just let us know what you are looking for. We service customers nationwide, and have experienced lumber professional ready to guide you through any questions you may have about heat treated ISPM-15 export lumber. Please give us a call!

Boone Valley Is A Heat Treated Export Lumber Supplier

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
Boone Valley Is A Heat Treated Export Lumber Supplier

Boone Valley Can Supply The Correct Export Stamps For Your Overseas Shipments

Boone Valley is a heat treated export lumber supplier. Our company was designed to help customers nationwide find solutions for their export lumber needs. Our Custom Crate Division can produce any type of export crate or heat treated dunnage lumber you are looking for.  The export lumber products we provide will have the correct IPPC stamps needed to help your shipment sail through an ISPM-15 inspection. There are rules about the amount of bark that is allowed on heat treated wood, and even where the stamps are supposed to be placed. Different types of stamps are used for crates or boxes, versus loose or dunnage lumber. Boone Valley Forest Products has the experience to be your reliable heat treated export lumber supplier. We help customers all over the country. Give us a call, we’re ready to help!

ISPM-15 Heat Treated Export Lumber

Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Boone Valley's heat treated lumber for export stamp

Heat Treated Export Stamp On A Boone Valley Product

Boone Valley Forest Products can quickly navigate you through the confusion of the ISPM-15 heat treated export lumber rules.  We help customers all over the country find the correct heat treated lumber and export stamps needed to ship their products over seas. A lot of manufacturers have gotten bad information about what type of lumber they are allowed to use. It appears many lumber companies don’t have access to the correct export stamps and are just selling what they have, which could cause an exporter’s product to be confiscated at the foreign port. We get calls every day from people that are confused about the export lumber rules. Boone Valley can provide cost effective solutions in just a few minutes over the phone, and in most cases can ship the needed lumber out that same day. If the exporter needs a heat treated crate, dunnage lumber or pallet, we have the answers they need, and pricing that works. Our Custom Crate Division can quickly create the product that is needed, whether it’s a few pieces or a whole truckload. Boone Valley understands the ISPM-15 heat treated export lumber regulations, and is ready to help. We have excellent nationwide service. Give us a call!

Heat Treated Wood For Export

Monday, October 17th, 2011
Heat Treated Wood For Export Boone Valley Forest Products

Boone Valley's Heat Treated Wood Stamp

Boone Valley has the heat treated wood for export you need to get your shipment overseas. We get calls from manufacturers who are confused about which export lumber stamps are needed for shipments. The stamps on the lumber you see at a hardware store won’t work.  Whether its dunnage lumber or an export crate, we can get you the answers and product you need.  Boone Valley understands all the ISPM-15 regulations and can get you the proper IPPC stamps needed for your heat treated wood for export. Call us today!


Dunnage Lumber Supplier

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
Heat Treated Pallets from Boone Valley Forest Products

Load of Pine and Oak Skids Headed To Customer

Need a quick load of dunnage lumber or skids? Boone Valley Forest Products was asked to create some strong but inexpensive skids for a customer’s shipments. We came up with a design that utilized both pine and oak, and got them produced quickly and shipped in a day.  You can see a picture of the load to the right.  Having our own sawmill on site, allows us to rapidly service customers. We have the ability to use oak, pine OSB or plywood, and keep all of these items in stock and ready.  We can also easily handle your heat treated lumber for export needs too.  Give us a call!


Heat Treated Lumber

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Heat Treated Lumber For Export from Boone Valley Forest Products

Boone Valley Heat Treated Lumber For Export With Stamp

Boone Valley can provide nearly any type of heat treated lumber for export you need.  We have produced everything from huge oak timbers to small wedges….. all with the appropriate stamps your company needs to safely export your product overseas. We can even produce export ready crates and deliver them to your facility. Let us be the solution to your heat treated lumber question. Call Boone Valley today!

Serving Customers Nationwide

Heat Treated Lumber Supplier

Saturday, July 30th, 2011
Heat Treated lumber for export Boone Valley Forest Products

Heat Treated Lumber With Dunnage Stamp

Boone Valley Forest Products quickly turned around an order for a customer needing heat treated lumber for export. In less than 3 hours we had gotten the order, cut the 4×4′s to length, stamped them with the heat treated wood stamp for dunnage lumber, and had them on a truck headed to our customer in the Chicago area. Our Custom Crate Division can meet nearly any rush order. Let us know how we can help you too!

Boone Valley Forest Products


Heat Treated Lumber For Export

Monday, July 18th, 2011
Heat Treated Lumber For Export

Boone Valley's Heat Treated Lumber Stamp

There are a lot of lumber wholesalers misleading potential customers about what type of heat treated lumber stamps are needed for export. In most cases these suppliers simply don’t have the resources and correct stamps available to them to sell the appropriate lumber. So they sell what they do have access to, even if it’s against the IPPC export regulations. Boone Valley is different. We have years of experience and help customers every day make sure they have the right lumber and stamps for their shipments. Whether it’s heat treated pine or oak dunnage, or a export crate we create, Boone Valley has the answers to your heat treated lumber questions.  Give us a call!

Heat Treated Lumber & Dunnage Lumber

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Missouri’s forests extend over 14 million acres, nearly twice the forested land of Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Nebraska combined. Boone Valley’s sawmill sits right in the middle of the state and produces oak dunnage lumber every day. We can also provide heat treating of our products for export use.  Let us know how we can help!