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Heat Treated Wood

It’s a fact: many buyers are confused about heat treated wood.  If you are one of them, Boone Valley can help. We get a lot of calls from folks who are needing to export their product out of the country and are looking for heat treated lumber with the proper IPPC stamps. The wood part is easy, it’s getting the correct export stamps so your shipment isn’t confiscated that matters most. A lot of the pine wood  found at any lumber yard is heat treated, but the inspector at the foreign port most likely won’t like the stamps that are on it. Boone Valley has the ISPM-15 regulations expertise to ask the right questions about your shipment, figure out the best product for you, make sure you have the correct export stamps and then get this lumber product to you quickly. We help companies all over the county, and we can help you too. Our Custom Crate Division does a wonderful job of providing cost effective export solutions. Whether you need an export crate, heat treated pallet, or just heat treated dunnage lumber we have the answers.  If you need a heat treated wood supplier, don’t take a chance with your valuable shipment. Call Boone Valley Forest Products today!