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Boone Valley’s Export Dunnage Stamp

We get a lot of questions about the ISPM-15 export lumber requirements from around the country. Depending on how a company is packaging their product for export, they may be required to use different types of stamps. Boone Valley’s export dunnage stamp, like the one you see to the right, is used on loose pieces of shipping lumber.  If you are using an export crate or box, you need a different type of export stamp, which we can supply as well. The lumber in the picture was ordered by one of our customers that needed bracing for his product inside a container. We can produce any type of heat treated export dunnage lumber you need. Whether it’s hardwoods like oak, or pine material, we can help you. Boone Valley can manufacture any type of export crates or boxes too. Rush orders are no problem, and in most cases we can get your heat treated lumber products shipped out within 24 hours. We have many cost saving ideas from years of helping our customers.  Boone Valley understands the ISPM-15 export lumber regulations, and can help guide you through the process of getting your company the correct material with the correct stamps. Please give us a call, we serve customers nationwide.